Stainless steel electric heating tube Features
Stainless steel electric heating tube for the shell is a metal tube, the inner tube along the center axis uniform spiral heating alloy wire (nickel-chromium, iron-chromium alloy) has voids filled with compacted sand magnesia good thermal insulation properties, with both ends of the nozzle silica gel or a ceramic sealing. Stainless steel 380V electric heating is designed to convert electrical energy into thermal energy of the electrical components, because of its cheap, convenient and easy to use, install, non-polluting, is widely used in a variety of heating applications, stainless steel heating tubes life is very long, generally design service life of over 10,000 hours.
1. The voltage can be designed as: 12-660V
2. A single injection of power: 50W-20KW
3 material: Iron # 10, T4 copper, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, Ti or titanium.
4. Specifications are: U-type, W-type, shaped, electric heating with heat dissipating fins, explosion-proof electric heating tube

Stainless steel electric heating material requirements

1. Factors affecting quality stainless steel heating pipes, the quality of the material is important to account for 2 reasons. Reasonable selection of raw materials electric heating pipe, heating pipe is to ensure the quality of the premise.
3. selection principles pipe: temperature, corrosion resistance.
4. Selection of resistance wire: Cr20Ni80
The selection of magnesium oxide powder: Industrial grade magnesium oxide powder
6. The choice of sealing material: silicone sealant +704

Application of electrically heated stainless steel tube

1. small size, high power: the electric heater has internal tubular heating element cluster, each cluster tubular heating elements up to maximum power 5000KW.
2. fast thermal response, high precision, high overall thermal efficiency.
3. Application of a wide range of adaptability: the cycle heater is applicable to explosion or ordinary case, it is up to the explosion-proof grade B Level C, its pressure up 10Mpa. You may use vertical or horizontal mounting cylinder according to user needs.
4. The heating temperature is high: the heater is designed to reach a maximum operating temperature of 850 ℃, which is typically a heat exchanger can not be obtained.
The fully automated control: by design of the heater circuit, can be easily achieved outlet temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters of automatic control, and computer networking, man-machine dialogue.
6. The long life, high reliability: the electric heater are made of special materials, together with design compared with reasonable power loading, use of multiple protection heater, the heater so that the present safety and greatly increased life.
7. A heating tube of stainless steel for the shell is a metal tube, the inner tube along the central axis of each heating alloy wires (nickel-chromium, iron-chromium alloy) has voids filled with compacted sand magnesia good thermal insulation properties, the nozzle ends of the cloth helix silica gel or a ceramic sealing, such a metal sheathed heating element may heat air, mold, and various liquids. ] In the high-temperature stainless steel seamless pipe temperature resistance wire is uniformly distributed densely populated thermal conductivity and insulating performance were good crystal magnesium oxide powder in the space portion, this arrangement is not only advanced, high thermal efficiency, and even heating, when the temperature when the current through the resistance wire, the diffusion of heat generated by the metal pipe surface crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, and then transmitted to the member or object to be heated in air to achieve heating.

Stainless steel electric heating tube classification

Cartridge heater, electric double tubes, stainless steel heating tubes, fins heating pipe, tube electric kettle, dry heating tube, heating the mold tube, hose color temperature, electric hot runner rings, cigarette tube electric equipment, pharmaceutical machinery fat heat pipes, heat pipes plating equipment, Teflon heater, heating rods titanium, titanium-free solder furnace heating pipes, heaters, plastic ring electric machinery and the like.

Application of electrically heated stainless steel tube

Electric ovens, chemical equipment, plastic molding and auxiliary equipment, thermoforming machines, cigarette machines, rapid sealing machine, pharmaceutical machinery, equipment sauna, electric water boiler, kitchen equipment, industrial cleaning equipment, commercial air conditioning and drinking water equipment, solar energy equipment, fryer apparatus, wave soldering electronic automation equipment, semiconductor eutectic welding, casting and heat input channel can not be runner injection, plastic, food, medical, textile, oil, machinery, electroplating, mechanical packaging industries supporting heat generating components.

Stainless steel electric heating and application classification

Stainless steel finned heating pipe, the pipe can be installed in a hair or other stationary, the flow of air heating applications; in metal stamping, machine building, automotive, textile, food and household appliance industries, especially in the air-conditioner wind screen industry, stamping industry as hot air heating pipe element is widely used, a common shape structure: type I (straight tube), U-type, W-type (M type), O-type (ring) and the like.

(Stainless steel electric heating products can be more customer request, provide the drawings, voltage, power, size)

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Stainless steel spiral air heating pipe