Stainless steel electric heating tube overview
 The stainless steel electric heating tube is made of metal tube, and the spiral electric heating alloy wire (nickel chrome, iron chrome alloy) is uniformly distributed along the center of the tube. The gap is filled with magnesia sand with good insulation and thermal conductivity. Silicon or ceramic seal.
 Stainless steel electric heating tube is an electrical component that converts electrical energy into heat energy. Because of its low price, convenient use, convenient installation and no pollution, it is widely used in various heating occasions. The service life of stainless steel electric heating tube is very long. Designed for more than 10,000 hours of service life.
1. Voltage can be designed as: 12-660V
 2. Single injection power: 50W-20KW
 3. Materials are: 10# iron, T4 copper, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, Ti titanium and so on.
4. Specifications are: U-shaped, W-shaped, profiled, electric heating tube with heat-dissipating fins, explosion-proof electric heating tube

Stainless steel heating tube application
1. Small volume and high power: The electric heater mainly uses cluster tubular heating elements, and each bundled tubular electric heating element has a maximum power of 5000kW.
2. Fast thermal response, high temperature control accuracy and high comprehensive thermal efficiency.
3. Wide application range and adaptability: The circulating heater can be used for explosion-proof or general occasions. Its explosion-proof grade can reach Grade B and Grade C, and its pressure resistance can reach 10Mpa. It can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the user's needs.
4. High heating temperature: The heater is designed for a maximum operating temperature of 850 ° C, which is not available in general heat exchangers.
5. Fully automatic control: Through the design of the heater circuit, it is convenient to realize automatic control of parameters such as outlet temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc., and can be networked with a computer to realize man-machine dialogue.
25. Long life and high reliability: The heater is made of special electrothermal material, and the design power load is reasonable. The heater adopts multiple protections, which greatly increases the safety and life of the heater.

Stainless steel electric heating tube classification
 Single-head electric heating tube, double-head electric heating tube, stainless steel electric heating tube, heat sink electric heating tube, boiling water electric heating tube, dry burning heating tube, mold electric heating tube, high temperature color changing hose, hot runner electric heating coil, cigarette equipment electric heating tube, pharmaceutical machinery Heat pipe, electroplating equipment heating tube, Teflon heater, titanium heating rod, titanium lead-free tin furnace electric heating tube, heating ring, plastic mechanical electric heating ring, etc.
Common shape structures are: type I (straight tube), U type, W type (M type), O type (ring) and the like.

Stainless steel heating tube application
 Electric ovens, chemical equipment, plastic molding and auxiliary equipment, thermoforming machinery, cigarette machinery, rapid sealing machines, pharmaceutical machinery, sauna equipment, electric water heaters, kitchen equipment, industrial cleaning equipment, commercial air conditioning and drinking equipment, solar energy equipment, Electric fryer equipment, wave soldering electronic automation equipment, semiconductor eutectic soldering, die-casting input channel heating, and heating machinery components for injectable, plastic, food, medical, textile, petroleum, machinery, electroplating, packaging and other industries.

(Stainless steel electric heating tube products can be customized to meet customer requirements, providing drawings, voltage, power, size)

Threaded fixed single-head stainless steel heating tube